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Bath House

The Wall Street Bath & Spa offers the unique combination of an ultra-modern facility and all the comforts and atmosphere of an Old World BathHouse. We are a club for both Men and Women.

Stone Heated Sauna

Our traditional stone heated sauna is built using ancient old world methods. It contains 16 tons of rock resting on brick arches. it is heated overnight to radiate intense heat throughout the day. Sweat bathing in cedar saunas has been credited with improving lung function, promoting blood circulation, increasing immunity to viruses and infections, assisting skin rejuvenation and aiding relaxation. Given the many proven health benefits of sauna bathing it might be quite fitting to call cedar saunas "saunas of life."

Old American Shvitz

Old american shvitz allows you to use ice cold water inside the sauna to improve blood circulation and enhance oxygen supply to the body.

Infrared Sauna

An infrared sauna uses infrared heaters to emit radiant heat which is absorbed directly into the human body, unlike traditional saunas which heat the body indirectly via air or steam. Infrared is a powerful antioxidant nutrient. It activates the cells, supports metabolic processes and releases toxins. It is very helpful for wound healing and cellular regeneration.

Eucalyptus Steam Room

The steamroom combines the therapeutic effects of moist heat with inhalation therapy. Inside our therapists can perform several body treatments such as full body wash, scrub or Platza.

Swimming Pool

Enjoy our completely redesigned large swimming pool! relax and take your mind off things in the surrounding lounge chairs.

Cold Plunge Pool

Dip into 52 degree water after using saunas or steam to constrict the blood vessels and increase efficiency of the body’s organs. Great for rejuvenation!

Cold Room

Completely redesigned new Cold Room. Relax and take your mind off things.


Relax and enjoy while gentle currents of super heated water melt away the day’s stress and ease tired and sore muscles. (102- 104 degrees).

Juice Bar

Our open plan juice bar and lounge are perfect for relaxation. With a tempting and tasty selection of smoothies, aromatic teas, and other drinks to tickle the taste buds, you’ll never go thirsty at our juice bar. We offer a wide variety of snacks, fresh fruit, salads or you can order hot items from our Restaurant menu You can also try our signature selection of infused vodkas.


The height of luxury: Whether you are planning the ultimate romantic evening, throwing a birthday party, organizing a corporate event or entertaining an out of town guest, our Private VIP Suite is the perfect setting. With your very own jacuzzi, plazma TV, lounge area you and your friends can enjoy complete privacy and all the amenities you can think of. You even have your own pool table!

$350 for 3 hours minimum
For info & reservations
(212) 766 8600



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