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We offer a comprehensive menu of services for the relaxation connoisseur. With your daily admission, you gain entry to the Spa and unlimited use of the facilities. We provide you with personal slippers, and as many towels as you might need!

Massage therapy

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth, rounded basalt stones are heated in water then lubricated with essential oils and applied to the body as an extension of the therapist’s hands. The heat within the stones penetrates your muscle tissue inducing deep relaxation without overheating. Helps dissolve blocked energy, improves circulation and restores balance.

$65 30 MINUTES
$120 60 MINUTES
$165 90 MINUTES

Deep Tissue

This treatment is recommended for those who regularly receive massage and enjoy deeper work. Specialized and focused techniques reach deeper layers of muscles.

$54 30 MINUTES
$98 60 MINUTES
$146 90 MINUTES


The therapist works on specific reflex points on the feet using thumb pressure. These points correlate to the individual organs and parts of the body. Activating these reflexes can help improve circulation and promote relaxation.

$54 30 MINUTES
$98 60 MINUTES


Swedish massage stimulates circulation and soothes tight muscles. Feel tension dissolve, leaving only comfort and well-being behind.

$54 30 MINUTES
$98 60 MINUTES
$146 90 MINUTES
Book your appointment today. Don’t forget to check our special spa packages combining spa body treatments, massage therapy and a gourmet lunch. And if you’re in the mood to get in the mood, indulge with a significant other: share a glass of bubbly and side-by-side body treatments in our private luxury VIP spa suite!

Body scrubs and wraps

Signature Body Scrub

$60 30 MINUTES


This invigorating treatment stimulates healthy circulation while exfoliating and purifying your skin. Relax in our Russian Sauna while our Platza Master taps and scrubs you with a broom made of fresh oak leafs soaked in warm fragrant water. The oak leafs contain a natural astringent, which opens your pores, removes toxins, and sloughs off layers of dead skin. This traditional Russian treatment will leave you cleansed and invigorated. We suggest following up with a dip in the cold plunge pool or a cool shower to enhance the natural cleansing processes of the body.

$45 15 MINUTES

Special offers

Open daily:
12 PM - 10 PM
Please call to schedule an appointment
(212) 766 8600

Prenatal Massage: $120 60 minutes; $165 90 minutes

By appointments only.

Half day of beauty: M-F $175; Sat-Sun and Holidays $200
(Duration 4 hours)

Includes use of the facilities, 1 hour Swedish massage, 30 min signature body scrub, glass of fresh squeezed juice.

Welcome Package Mon-Thurs ONLY: $95
(Duration 11am - 6 pm)

Includes use of the facilities, 30 min Swedish massage, glass of fresh squeezed juice.

Couples package: $350
(Duration 4 hours)

Includes spa admission, 1 hour side-by-side couple massage, 1 hour use of our exclusive VIP room.

Above prices do not include tax and gratuity